Blue Roses Falling-Jake Shimabukuro-Special Story Attached 盗撮盗聴動画♪


God Told Me To Play The Ukulele! I am just slightly more than a beginner uke player. My father played the old folks songs like Tom Dooley and The Fox and showed me how to play chords when I was young. I played guitar through high school until my forties and enjoyed it but I never excelled. My wife and I became IZ fans a few years ago in Maui and I decided to learn Somewhere Over the Rainbow on my Dads old baritone uke once when she left town for work for a week just to be romantic. Never once in Maui did I see a uke or any players or anything of the uke sort. Just IZ on the radio and we bought his CD there. When we went back to Kuaui、 every day I encountered something uke、 compelling me to continue. From the guy on the crummy hotel TV giving uke lessons on Oahu before we flew over to the guy on the shuttle bus that played and crooned very well that was very inspiring. We bumped into a great uke sale on the way to our camp site on Polihale. The Natl Parks worker、 Clifford who was the greatest guy I ever met、 tuned me up and gave me a two hour lesson on the beach in Polihale which is at the end of the earth! He told me to always play one for the Mastah! Also、 the guys at Kee and Hanalei were great players. What with all the inspiration I ever had and kept having by chance、 I kept telling my wife; God is telling me to take up the ukulele、 of course with tongue in cheek! One terrible day my mother was diagnosed with an extremely rare and cruel brain disease <b>...</b>